Discover how to do something you enjoy doing as a way of keeping fit, meet new people & have some quality you time!

  • You will realise that you don’t need to set foot inside a gym & you can do something you love doing in order to get fit
  • You will realise that having some quality time to yourself and being able to escape from everything for an hour makes you feel so much better
  • You will meet other ladies just like you who share a passion for dance and just want to have fun getting fit
  • You will discover that the taster class offers you a safe, non-judgemental classes for women of all ages, shapes and sizes
  • You will learn that having two left feet is absolutely not a problem & previous dance experience is not necessary but a love of dance is
  • You will learn how to reveal your inner show girl & dance like no one is watching

Here is what others are saying

“I work full time and did very little exercise – no, that’s an exaggeration, I did no exercise. I dislike the gym and really wanted something that I would enjoy.

I’ve always loved dancing, but was self conscious and apprehensive about joining a group of professional dancers. Katy’s advert popped up at just the right time and I took courage and went along to a taster class.

Everyone was friendly, welcoming and encouraging – it was great fun and I left with a smile on my face. I enjoyed it so much, I signed up straightaway.

I’ve found an exercise I love, met new similar minded people and I can certainly dance like no one is watching. Can’t wait for my next class.”

Janet Cleverley

“I signed up for the free taster class because in my head I have always been a dancer with a swishy dress dancing down some very glamorous stairs!

I was worried that firstly that my head was deceiving me……of course it was! Secondly that everyone would be more co-ordinated than me, more confident than me, and that I wouldn’t be able to remember the steps.

I had fantastic fun and the instructor was just delightful making sure we were all reassured and very encouraging. She broke down the dance steps so we could follow them easily but most importantly she made it such fun.

Afterwards l felt joyful ……dancing is joyful, exhilarated and enthused. The biggest benefit I get from coming is I love it! Can’t always remember the steps and my co-ordination is rubbish and my head needs a good talking to but I don’t care. It is great fun and it is good to learn a new skill, I will get there!”

Anne Tipple