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Welcome to Katy Robinson Fitness Fusion

Hi, Katy here! Creator of ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness and founder of Katy Robinson Fitness Fusion.
Do you love dance, musicals and all things jazz hands?

Wish you could find something FUN to do as a form of fitness where you can forget about everything else for an hour, have a giggle and ‘dance like no one is watching?

Our ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness classes are perfect for women just like YOU who love to dance, have fun and want to reveal their inner showgirls! Leave your classes with a smile on your face, feeling full of energy, laughter and joy. Two left feet and ‘accidental solos’ are very much welcome here, we don’t take things too seriously as having fun is high on our list of priorities. If you have a body, you are a dancer!


We offer adult ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness classes for women of any age (our clients range from their 30’s through to 70’s). Dancing really is for everyone!

We have over 20 classes per week and welcome women in Sheffield, Bakewell, Chesterfield (or anywhere in the world with our Online LIVE classes) who want to have fun and reveal their inner showgirls. Our top priority is building an inclusive safe space where women just like you can ‘dance like no one is watching’!

We believe every woman deserves to feel confident, allow time for themselves and find something they love to do to get fit! Our team of passionate, experienced instructors use top hats, feather boas, canes and songs from all the popular Broadway shows.

To help you decide if ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness is right for you, we offer trial classes for women just like YOU who love to dance and have fun.

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(lots of classes available on the timetable all week – Monday to Saturday – mornings, afternoons and evenings)
– ‘On Broadway’® Studio, 861a Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8TH


(classes available Wednesday and Friday mornings & Thursday evenings)
– Bakewell Methodist Church, Matlock Street, Bakewell, DE45 1EL


(classes available Tues evenings & Sat mornings)
– St John’s Church Hall, Walton Back Lane, Walton, Chesterfield, S42 7LT
– St Thomas Centre, Chatsworth Road, Brampton, Chesterfield, S40 3AW


(lots of classes available throughout the week, including morning and evening classes Monday-Saturday)
– Online LIVE via Zoom


Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, wishing to get fit without the need to set foot in a gym, or simply LOVE dancing, we are the place for you! Here are six reasons why ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness will bring joy to your life…

Friendly community

We pride ourselves in being a bit of a family here at ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness. Lots of ladies have made friends for life through our classes, whether that be through our online community or at our in person classes. One thing you all have in common is your love for dancing! We love welcoming new ladies, just like you, to our Broadway ‘bubble’.

Safe, non-judgmental venues

Our team of passionate, experienced instructors use top hats, feather boas, canes and songs from all the popular Broadway shows, in local community venues that offer safe, non-judgemental classes for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and those with two left feet. Our top priority is that you feel comfortable at our classes so that you can ‘let go’, have fun and reveal your inner showgirls.

New show-tune every month

Our musical inspired routines are taught over a four-week period. We build on the routine each week so that you can feel super confident with the steps, giving you an awesome sense of accomplishment. Every month the musical changes, meaning there is always something new to look forward to! Chicago, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Billy Elliot and Dream Girls are just a few examples of the fab musicals we have danced to. Does this sound like a bit of you?

Flexibility of classes

We have lots to choose from, including morning, afternoon and evening classes from Monday to Saturday. We also have a range of venues (Sheffield, Bakewell, Chesterfield and Online live). Each class learns the same section of the routine each week, allowing you to mix and match your classes and venues in a way that suits your day-to-day life. This flexibility is great for everyone, especially for those of you who work shifts or have jam-packed weeks. You deserve to have an hour of all important ‘you time’.

Unlimited online classes

All of our packages, whether ‘in person’ or ‘online’, have the added benefit of UNLIMITED online classes at no extra cost. With online live classes taking place Monday-Saturday (morning and evenings), there are plenty of opportunities to get your ‘On Broadway’® fix! We also send you a 1 hour recorded class every week so you can access it on demand. These are fab for if you want a little extra practice, can’t make a live class that week, or simply want more jazz hands in your life.

Access to tutorial videos

Our classes aren’t about getting the steps right. Our motto here is ‘dance like no one is watching’, it really is all about having fun and forgetting about everything else for an hour as you enter the world of Broadway. However, if you love to get to grips with the steps then our tutorial and demo videos are for you. All of our clients get access to these! In the videos I break down each routine for you in bitesize chunks so that you can feel super confident with revealing your inner showgirl.


Tracey Aked-Slack

“I’m more supple, it’s encouraged me to lose weight and everyone has noticed that I’m happier! I’m really pleased that I found Katy’s classes”


“You escape for an hour into your world, there’s nothing else around you and it’s the most wonderful feeling. It gave me goosebumps! Give it a go, you’ve got nothing it lose! You can’t beat the feeling you get when dancing”

Penny Nahas

“I’d just retired and I wanted a challenge…I thought I’d got two left feet and that I would struggle…it’s such fun, I never stop laughing…getting toned and meet so many lovely people”

Noela Dowling

“I teach Pilates but didn’t do anything for stamina and wanted something for memory…loved it from minute I started…I laugh alot…I dance to music I love …it’s working my brain and I’m working up a sweat…I feel fitter and it’s really good fun”



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