Packages & Timetable

If after your ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness trial class you would love to carry on dancing with us then here is some information about our packages and our timetable! You’ll also receive all of this at your trial class too.

Our packages include:

  • The flexibility to attend ‘in person’ at any of our venues or online live classes, or a mixture of both (Downstage, Upstage & Centre Stage packages)
  • Access to a weekly 1hr recorded classes for you to watch and join in whenever you like, if you miss a live session or just want additional practice
  • Access to our online members area which includes lots of videos to help you master each routine, along with additional bonus classes
  • Access to our private Facebook community where you can stay connected, share, socialise and support other women just like yourself
  • A pay per routine model and the flexibility to ‘skip’ a routine, therefore you never pay for anything you are not using


Our weekly class timetable is:

Package Options:

Depending on how many times per routine you would like to attend will depend on which package might work for you:

  1. Downstage Package – this allows 6 ‘in person’ classes per routine (plus unlimited access to online live classes and recordings) and is our cheapest ‘in person’ package per month: £59.17 +VAT.
  2. Upstage Package – this allows 10 ‘in person’ classes per routine (plus access to unlimited online classes and recordings) and works out better value per class than the Downstage Package if you want to attend more than once per week: £78.33 +VAT.
  3. Centre Stage Package – this is our best value package if you want to attend UNLIMITED in person classes as well as unlimited online live classes and recordings: £91.25 +VAT.
  4. Online Only Package – this allows unlimited access to our online classes ONLY plus the recordings, giving you total flexibility to do as many online classes as you like when you like: £49.17 +VAT.
  5. Recorded Sessions Only Package- If the above packages are not for you, we do have a package with no access to in person or online live classes, however you will get access to some of fab routines with the 1hr recorded sessions, plus all the tutorial and demo videos: £22.92 +VAT.