Tracey Aked-Slack

“I’m more supple, it’s encouraged me to lose weight and everyone has noticed that I’m happier! I’m really pleased that I found Katy’s classes”


“I was very stressed and have hip and back problems which caused limited mobility. The gym wasn’t for me! I found Katy’s classes and I gave it a go. It’s great fun, everyone is very friendly and we have a good laugh!”

Penny Nahas

“I’d just retired and I wanted a challenge…I thought I’d got two left feet and that I would struggle…it’s such fun, I never stop laughing…getting toned and meet so many lovely people”

Noela Dowling

“I teach Pilates but didn’t do anything for stamina and wanted something for memory…loved it from minute I started…I laugh alot…I dance to music I love …it’s working my brain and I’m working up a sweat…I feel fitter and it’s really good fun”

Rachel Thorpe

“I wondered if I had two left feet….it’s so much fun….it’s improved my flexibility and the feeling of achievement is incredible”

Carole Smith

“I used to be a member of a gym and I hated it….I was a little apprehensive…I’ve lost weight, feel fitter, made friends…I had no co-ordination but Katy gets me dancing”

Anne Brown

“I don’t like the gym…needed the flexibility because of my job…thought I might feel stupid…learning a new skill whilst having fun…never feel stupid…it’s really good fun….I can now stand on one leg without falling over and it’s improved my co-ordination”

“I started to go to ‘On Broadway’ to enjoy great music and company whilst keeping fit and the challenge of hopefully completing a routine. I enjoy the classes as they are good fun, great exercise and I have to concentrate so I’m unable to think about general worries and pressures of everyday life – a great way to escape into make believe – you too could be a beautiful show girl!”

Nicola Hill

“Before I started going to Katy’s On Broadway classes I was doing Zumba for fitness and attempting to do Step-aerobics at home. Neither of which were really satisfactory. Having danced up to being a teenager (which was a long time ago) I am sad to say that my love of dance had been mostly ignored!!

The reservations I had about attending the classes were mostly based around going alone, not knowing anybody and whether or not I would be able to keep up? I am pleased to say that I should not have worried….. The other ladies that go to classes are welcoming and friendly. We have such a laugh together! Now that I’ve been going for six months I look forward to a new face to welcome to our class. The way Katy teaches the routines is set at a good pace for everyone, and nobody is ever afraid to ask, “what was that bit again?” – including me! She is extremely patient and uses her teaching expertise, enthusiasm and smile to keep us all on track.

The best things about going are that you get fit without realising it because you’re having so much fun! Dancing has meant that many of us have lost a bit of weight as well – how fabulous is that?!

My personal favourite thing is that it is an hour just for me to do what I love doing. I have found that I am so busy concentrating on what I am doing with my arms, legs, feet, hat or cane that I have no room in my brain to think about any of the normal day-to-day worries we all have…..

At the end of the day – we are a bunch of normal women who love to dance! ”

Dr Maxine Bilton

“After spending so much time focusing on my children, the classes are revealing me again and I am getting my independence back. Strange how dance can be so emotionally empowering as well as everything else it does. I really do feel I am finding Cheryl again.

Taking the leap of faith to try On Broadway and sign up for the Centre Stage package is the best thing I have done for me, in a long time. It gives me the incentive to make the most of the package and I see it as a hobby now not like a boring gym membership as I am actually learning a whole new skill.

In two weeks it’s made a massive different to my life and opened up a door to me. My life isn’t all about my daughter now.

Thanks so much for creating a service which is so greatly appreciated for women wanting to learn to dance. It is fun and exciting and I look forward to every class.”

Cheryl Air


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