Hi everyone, happy March!

Spring is in the air, flowers are beginning to bloom and the sunshine is starting to make an appearance. I love this time of the year!

This weekend the sun came out here in Sheffield, I spent hours reading outside in the surprisingly warm sunshine. I can’t remember the last time I did this, such a mood booster!

I also went on a lovely walk in the gorgeous sun with my friend, Sarah, and my fur baby, Mabel. It’s amazing what good company, great scenery, fresh air and sunshine (and a few Robins) can do for the soul!! I know we’re not out of winter JUST yet, but Spring is on its way this month and I am very excited for more sunny days to come!

Another thing which has been boosting my mood, as always, is dancing with you all at our online classes! We had a great time dancing our ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ routine last month. It was definitely a brain and a body workout, as I’m sure many of you would agree haha! This month we have a change in tempo with our ‘Dance 10, Looks 3’ routine from A Chorus Line. I love this musical so much, such a classic! I hope you enjoy dancing with us!!

I’d also love to take this opportunity to welcome all of the ladies who tried ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness for the first time at our recent online taster classes. Welcome to the family!

Speaking of mood-boosters, here’s a question for you…

Are we born to dance?

I’ve lost count of the amount of people who have said to me that they feel like they have ‘2 left feet’ or ‘can’t dance’. But did you know that it is, in fact, proven that we are all born to dance?

When we hear music, we can’t help but tap our feet or move our bodies (even the tiniest bit), it’s an innate response. We feel happy when we hear certain songs and that inner dancer tries to escape each time! We just have to bravely unleash it.

If you put music on for a toddler, it’ll naturally dance around without the fear of what people think of them. As we get older, however, we start to wrap a layer of anxiety around our bodies which makes us feel unable to ‘let go’. Do you relate to this? Thoughts start creeping in like ‘I got laughed at in the past’, ‘I look silly’ or ‘I can’t do that’. We are all born to dance, but it’s our limiting beliefs that can stop us from doing that.

Our motto here is ‘dance like no one is watching’! The best thing about dancing from home is that we don’t have to worry about what anyone else is thinking… unless your nosy neighbours are watching you through the window of course! But this motto stands no matter where you are, whether you’re having a solo dance party in your kitchen, or whether you’re at a dance class in person (we can’t wait to see some of you back at our venues very soon, eek)!

It is much more important to just have fun and avoid overthinking each step along the way (even if you do the wrong step or go the wrong direction… we like to call these ‘accidental solos’ 😂)!

As Samuel Beckett once said… ‘dance first, think later. It’s the natural order’! ❤️

The bottom line is, dancing makes us feel GOOD! We are born to dance… so, wherever you may be dancing (and that includes your kitchen), don’t hold back!

Have a fabulous month!

Katy x