I hope you’ve all had a great month. Happy December everyone! Wow, final month of the year, let’s do this!

We’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit already here at ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness. At the end of November we had our client and team Christmas party online via Zoom! We always love to be the first Christmas party of the year and we certainly were not going to let this year get in the way of our festive spirit! We had a great night hosted by the team. I had such a laugh, thank you to all of you who came along to join in the fun!

Here we are at our virtual Christmas party planning meeting the week before:

The Christmas decorations are up at the ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness studio, ready for our final routine of the year! We are dancing to a Megamix from the Gloria Estefan musical- ‘On Your Feet’. It might be winter, but this routine definitely gets you feeling summery with its Latin vibes!

As always, we are LOVING seeing your smiling faces on Zoom! Let’s finish 2020 in style ladies.

The Power of NOW

This month’s blog is about the ‘Power of Now’ and how we should stop that pesky and all too common habit… procrastination. Hands up, who’s guilty of procrastinating from time to time? We’ve all been there!

I’ve noticed that right now, a lot of us are saying things like ‘when this is over I will…’ or ‘when lockdown is over I’ll begin…’. However, using the current situation as an excuse to put things off is getting in the way of us truly living our lives!

Eckhart Tolle, the author of the book ‘The Power of Now’, says that the only important time is the one we think about the least: the present. That is certainly food for thought!

EVERYTHING happens in the present, life is happening right now, yet we so often live our lives worrying about the future or overthinking the past. Why Is this? When you think about it… the past is nothing more than a big assortment of present moments that have already happened, and the future is nothing more than a wonderful collection of present moments waiting to arrive.

We have no way of changing the past or predicting the future. So, ask yourself this, what good does worrying about these things truly do? The image below sums it up perfectly:

Every single minute you spend worrying about the future or regretting the past is a minute lost.

Stop waiting for ‘lockdown to be over’ or for ‘better weather’… or whatever it may be that is getting in the way of you truly living your life.

Life is happening right now, let’s live it!

Have a great month!

Katy and the ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness team x