Do you find it hard to stop the chatter in your head?

As some of you probably know, I am not very good at ‘switching off’ and I often find that when I get back from teaching and I am buzzing I find it difficult to unwind.  I often lay in bed and I have a million and one different thoughts flying around my head.

It’s very common and very frustrating especially when it gets in the way of sleep. Sometimes, once a thought starts running around in your head it snowballs and becomes bigger and bigger. Your mind is often described as your most powerful ‘weapon’! It’s so important therefore to learn to train and control it, just like you would any muscle in your body.

But how do you train your mind??

If anyone else is similar to me, and i’m sure i’m in good company, I’d really recommend a great book called ‘Shut The Duck Up- Big Life Changes in 10 little minutes’  by Pete Cohen & Bobby Cappuccio. It’s a really easy read but also makes a lot of sense and gives you lots of useful tips you can implement straight away. It talks about how to turn off those conflicting voices and ‘noise’ in your head – you know the ‘what if’s’ ‘buts’ – all the ones that talk you into staying in your comfort zone and limit us from reaching our full potential.


Here are some of my favourite chapter title’s in the book to give you an insight into what to expect.

  • Find your Purpose
  • It’s fine to change your mind
  • Don’t overlook the magic in your life
  • Passion gives you energy

You can just pick it up and read a quick chapter then try and implement it!

Works for me!

Have a great week.

Katy x