Hi! Hope you are well and have had a good month?

What a fabulous few weeks it has been for so many reasons! It’s been amazing to return to the studio for our first routine since lockdown, we’ve all loved seeing you back ‘in real life’ again alongside those of you joining us online.

We’ve had lots of ladies stepping outside of their comfort zones to attend free ONLINE ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness taster classes too. If you’re new here then welcome to the ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness family!

Last week we had a little week off. During this time I’ve had time away in my favourite place (which I’ll talk more about later in this blog) and I’ve also redecorated the studio, it’s amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do!

It’s great to be back again! I hope you are loving our ‘Cabaret’ routine as much as we are loving teaching it!

The importance of taking time out


You are your number ONE priority

Who else often find themselves saying the phrase ‘where does the time go?’ or ‘how are we already in September?’. I’m sure the answer for most of you will be yes!

Time flies when you’re having fun, sure, but time also flies when you’re super busy! Before you know it, you’re feeling physically and emotionally burnt out. We’ve all been there and know the feeling!

It can feel hard to put ourselves first, but you have to be kind to yourself and treat yourself the way you would treat a good friend. It’s true to say that no one benefits if you are running on empty, including yourself. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, to organise your thoughts, recharge your batteries and put things in perspective.

If you are kind to yourself and allow time to have your much needed ‘you-time’, then you will be able to give the very best version of yourself to your family/friends/job/YOURSELF. So, never be afraid to put YOU first. You are your number one priority!

Recharge your batteries

​​​​​​​Sometimes, with a simple bit of R&R to recharge your batteries, we can feel brand new and ready to take on the world again! Who agrees? This is especially important during this time of change and uncertainty. It has been a challenging few months for many and it is so very important that we check in with ourselves and have some much needed time out!

I’ve managed to take a bit of time out over our week off last week by heading over to my favourite place, Robin Hood’s Bay, with Mabel! This was my first time ‘off off’ since Christmas, eek. I definitely need to take time out in order to serve my clients, team, friends and family better. It has done me a world of good!

What did we get up to?

Mabel and I walked along the beach, further than we’ve ever gone before, and found a seal colony. Mabel was less than impressed when one barked back at her, she was even less impressed when we went around the corner to see about 200 more!! Ha ha.

Here’s one who’s definitely got the right idea when it comes to chilling out and taking time for themselves;

I filled my time doing the things that I love during my ‘time out’ week. Alongside walks on the beach I ate ice cream, fish and chips, drank wine (of course) and read a great book. I made sure that I took time out from technology too, this is a great way to switch off! I removed Facebook from my phone, removed emails and left my work phone at home. It’s amazing how much we rely on and are glued to our phones, resulting in us forgetting to simply enjoy the world around us! Why not try having a detox from your phone one day each week?

When was the last time you took time out for yourself?

If you’re stuck for ideas as to what to do because maybe it’s been so long since you put yourself first and gave yourself permission to do this then have a read of this article, in here you’ll find a few great ideas to help inspire you to take some much needed time out- http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-14301/27-simple-ways-to-recharge-your-batteries.html


Have a fabulous month and make sure you find time to recharge your batteries. You deserve it!

Katy x