Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire

“So be encouraged and dedicate yourself to your dream and if your dream should come my way one day then we will dance upon the boards of life” – Ben Vereen

I still have to pinch myself that less than 5 years ago I was working for someone else and wondering if that was all there was…

Now I am well on my way to living the life of my dreams! I wake up every morning and look forward to going to work! That’s the great thing when you can do what you love doing, your passion, your purpose for your ‘job’, it just doesn’t seem like work! We only have one life and I truly believe we should spend it doing what we love if we can, even just a little bit!
Here are a couple of interesting articles about living your dream life:

Imagine if there were no reasons or excuses as to why you couldn’t have the life of your dreams and that anything was possible and achievable…. What would you do? Go on dare to dream big!

As some of you may know, on May 24th we are having a party at the studio in Sheffield to celebrate ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness turning 5 years old!! Time has flown by since I took the massive leap of faith and quit my full-time job 5 years ago to concentrate fully on running my very own business. It has all been so much fun. Thank you all for being part of our ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness family and our wonderful journey!
We will be raising money for Cancer Research UK with some brilliant raffle prizes to be won throughout the night. We’ll be providing a buffet and drinks alongside entertainment including a magician!! This is an open invitation so please feel free to invite partners, friends and family to join in the fun! (24th May, 6.30pm-9pm at the ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness studio in Sheffield). I hope you can make it!

Have a great week! And remember…. dare to dream BIG!

Katy x